Levin Management Corporation’s Retail Sentiment Surveys not only rank among our team’s favorite projects, now they are award-winning! This fall, PRSA-NJ recognized our work on last year’s survey program with a Pyramid Award. What a great testament to quality results for a long-time (and ever-newsworthy!) client.

In a nutshell, Levin polls the store managers of its 1,000+ tenants three times annually. The program aims to generate actionable, street-level industry market intelligence for building relationships with tenants and prospects, and for generating results media will find newsworthy.

For 10 years, Caryl Communications has helped to orchestrate Levin’s surveys, including research/planning, execution/analysis, press release development/distribution and media relations. Despite an established track record, our project team recognized that 2021’s initial post-pandemic surveys required a deep rethink to address COVID-19’s seismic impact on retail.

The results were impressive. Ultimately, the campaign’s efforts advanced LMC’s position as an industry thought leader. The overall program garnered 20 media hits, with key print and broadcast coverage in consumer, business, and retail and commercial real estate trade publications. Survey content was repurposed for media interviews and in bylined articles, as website and social media content, marketing reports used for tenant and prospect outreach, email marketing pieces, and presentations to the business community.

The program was broadly impactful, contributing to our client’s success by supporting its record 1.2 MSF of leasing activity in 2021, gaining enviable media coverage, and earning Levin accolades in MAREJ’s “Best of 2021” in the Industry Research category.

And our Pyramid Award? Icing on the cake.