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Distinctive Role Fosters Experiential, Cohesive Environment at Rebranded Office Property

HOBOKEN, N.J., June 3, 2021Mission 50 has announced the appointment of Claire Pedulla to the newly created position of Director of Community. As a member of the Mission 50 leadership team, Pedulla will be responsible for spearheading the firm’s efforts to create an experience that fosters productivity, flexibility and community in a reimagined workplace environment.

Owned and managed by JDA Group LLC (JDA), the Mission 50 building – formerly the Hoboken Business Center – has a long history of serving businesses in the Greater New York City marketplace. Located at 50 Harrison Street, the 80,000-square-foot boutique office property offers traditional for-lease office space and is home to the “original” Mission 50 coworking space, founded in 2011 by JDA CEO Greg Dell’Aquila.

In 2020, Dell’Aquila launched a year-long initiative to transform the building into a unified community under the Mission 50 brand umbrella. The multi-million-dollar renovation included expanding the coworking space to 20,000 square feet from 3,000 square feet and dedicating the remaining 60,000 square feet to private for-lease offices.

Repositioning a Workplace Community:

According to Dell’Aquila, bringing Pedulla on board was a critical step in the process of repositioning Mission 50 in the marketplace. “Our vision is to create a truly experiential, community-centered workplace comprised of both coworking and private offices,” he said. “Claire and I had an ongoing conversation about what a leading-edge office community would entail and we realized we can do that at Mission 50.. Ultimately, we created a unique twist on what would be the role of a ‘property manager’ in a traditional office building, but with significant sociable, hospitality, and collaborative elements.”

The Director of Community position allows Pedulla to have a tremendous impact on the experience of working at Mission 50, and to build on her proven record in community management, sales, and customer growth in the startup and hospitality worlds. “Mission 50 provides an exciting opportunity to build a diverse community that caters to a wide range individuals and businesses alike,” said Pedulla, whose previous positions include midtown manager and community manager at The Yard in New York City. She has also served as a creative consultant to the hospitality industry and an executive operations associate with Topology in Newark, and holds a BFA from Syracuse University.

Mission 50’s flexible membership options makes it possible for the Mission 50 team to accommodate a variety of budgets, team sizes, and workplace needs. Mission 50 members range from solo entrepreneurs and growing startups to seasoned businesses comprised of 100-plus members. Offerings include shared coworking spaces, privacy pods, private suites to accommodate individuals or small teams, and traditional offices.

The “Environment” Within Mission 50

As Mission 50 grows its community, Pedulla and her team will be working hard to ensure that what they offer is in line with the needs of the Mission 50 members. “We are offering a wide range of engagement options to our community,” she noted. “In addition to our event programming, Mission 50 is continually building a network of local and internal partners who provide perks to Mission 50 members.

“Part of developing a successful community is determining what level of engagement your members want,” she continued. “For some members, being engaged in the community means taking full advantage of the communal environment Mission 50 provides, such as attending social, educational, and networking events every chance they get. For others it may simply mean having an exchange with a neighbor or Mission 50 team member in the hallway now and then.

“There are ways to be strategic about providing a product that meets every member where they are, engaging them in the ways that feel valuable and comfortable to them. It’s all about hospitality if you do it right,” Pedulla said.


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