Take Advantage of the Promotional Power at the Bottom of Your Email

Even with the proliferation of social media, the email signature block remains a powerful tool for establishing a corporate identity and marketing yourself, your brand, or your business. After all, emails are the lifeblood of business communication. The email signature block is your digital sign off and serves as your virtual business card. A little branding goes a long way – having a great new email signature can be a smart means of marketing yourself and your company, and leaving a professional impression in your emails at all times.

What to Include
You’ve got a lot of elements to choose from, but space is scarce. Always include name, role, company name, address (if necessary), phone, mobile phone, email, website address, social media icons or link to blogs. (If the company is celebrating a milestone, consider using a special tagline.) Organize the essentials in a hierarchy of importance beginning with your name. Then consider color and fonts. Be consistent with color; some of the best designed signature blocks play off the colors in the company’s branding. As for fonts, follow the same rule – stay simple. Use a single font, changing size and weight for the different elements in your block.

Social Media Links
An email signature should never be overcrowded. That said, including three links is ideal; six is the max. And use the platform’s icons, rather than links. Why? Lots of links in an email signature simply look messy, and a visual image is a faster impression than a line of type. If your row of icons is looking too much like a rainbow, try using your branding color for each of them, rather than their original colors. Of course, each social media icon should link to your official profile on a given platform. Double-check to make sure all the links work before you send your emails to customers and leads.

Company Logos and Head Shots
Nothing communicates your company’s identity better than its logo. It’s a logical addition to your block that not only makes your emails more attractive but makes it easier for the recipient to identify you and your company. Your own headshot? Maybe. But only if it’s a professional image (no selfies or photo booth shots) and only if it fits the block.

A Call to Action
Many high-performing signature blocks include a call to action. This little line runs below the block, separated by a space or two. Be realistic and clear about what actions you want your email message to inspire. This will help you to design an effective call to action. Contents might be: “Have you read our latest blog post?” or “Check out our new additions to Instagram!”

Think Mobile and Be Sure to Test
Depending on the amount of information you include in your signature and the size of the images, you might find that your signature takes up too much screen on mobile devices. Since roughly 56 percent of emails are opened on mobile phones, make sure your block will be readable on a small screen and there’s enough space for a fingertip between your social media icons. When it’s completed, test the block for readability on your phone. And after you’ve tested on mobile, try your links to be sure they work.  

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