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Robert S. Goldsmith, Esq. to Moderate Expert Panel in Live One-Hour Webinar   

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., (Feb. 9, 2023) — With 18 million electric vehicles likely to travel over America’s roads in the next 10 years, this burgeoning industry will make an impact far and wide. What future opportunities and challenges will the EV market create for commercial real estate?  

Join NAIOP New Jersey for an hour-long live webinar, “The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Commercial Real Estate,” this coming Wednesday, Feb. 15, beginning at 11:30 a.m.  

Moderator Robert S. Goldsmith, partner, Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis, will lead a discussion exploring some of the changes that lay ahead. Goldsmith’s expertise covers counseling clients on specialized issues in redevelopment related to parking demand, design and construction. 

The program’s expert panelists include Andrew Gottesman, chief executive officer, Edison Investment Advisors; and Cathleen Lewis, manager of E-Mobility Programs, Office of Clean Energy at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. They will address key issues, including:  

  • How effective are EV chargers as a marketing tool as compared to other amenities like cafés and gyms to attract tenants?  
  • Could EV chargers be another way for employers to incentivize their employees back into the office? 
  • What are the work-arounds to grid infrastructure shortfalls? 
  • Are you prepared to comply with federal, state, and local electric vehicle mandates? 
  • When does and doesn’t installing charging stations make economic sense? 
  • What financial incentives are available to offset your costs? 

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