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Couples at Assisted Living Community Recall How They Met

Sharon and Tim

ALLENDALE, N.J. (Feb. 13, 2023) – Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day at Allendale Senior Living, where two couples shared touching stories about how they met their spouses six-plus decades ago. How have they kept their love strong through the years? Tim and Sharon, and Lona and Lenny – who all moved to the Bergen County assisted living community last summer – agree the keys are having patience and a sense of humor.  


Allendale resident Tim looks over at his wife, Sharon, with a huge smile. He remembers the day he first saw her and says, without a doubt, it was love at first sight. Sharon and Tim were employees of TWA Airlines, based in New York City. There was a bar where the airline employees used to meet and socialize. Sharon also remembers the day quite well. 

“I was on the phone with a passenger. I wasn’t even looking at Tim,” she explained. “But then he walked up to the front of the room, in front of the entire group, and said, ‘I’m going to marry that girl in the red dress!’ He was pointing at me!” 

“Yeah, I made my intentions clear,” Tim said recalling the moment with laughter. The pair had never met before, but Tim summoned the courage and walked right up to Sharon and introduced himself. They were married after a three-month whirlwind romance and they haven’t been apart since. Tim and Sharon have three children and four grandchildren. 


Lona and Lenny, met after she ran into a mutual friend at a department store. She mentioned she was single and the friend, Alan, passed along her number. 

Lenny wasted no time in calling.  

“That afternoon the phone rang,” recalled Lona. “The voice on the phone said, ‘Hello, is this Lona? My name is Lenny. Alan gave me your phone number.’ I started laughing thinking, ‘That was fast!’”  

Waiting for the day they would meet, Lona said she recalled a girl she went to school with who dated Lenny. “She would always tell me how he wined and dined her. In the end, that girl might have married some other rich guy but I got the cream of the crop!” 

The couple exchanged vows on Thanksgiving Day and the rest is history. Lona and Lenny have two children and six grandchildren. 

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