Our clients continue to amaze and inspire with their creative – and impactful – community outreach endeavors. Consider these recent efforts:  

  • Mission 50 providing a displaced-by-fire art gallery with a place to regroup and recover,
  • Norman’s Hallmark (and its customers!) supporting Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month,
  • Love of the Game Auctions honoring a Hispanic baseball hall-of-famer while supporting Hispanic civil rights, and
  • Castle Healthcare organizing a baby formula donation initiative amid the global shortage. 

Wow, right? That’s how we feel, and we are proud to support our clients as their PR partner (more on each of these initiatives below). To be clear, they embarked on the projects not because of possible recognition, but rather as corporate citizens, addressing an often-immediate need in the local area.  

These good works have us reflecting on the wide range of measurable benefits, from a PR perspective, that flow from outreach and corporate volunteerism. Let’s look at a couple of those. 

Building Community from the Top Down, Inside Out
Employees take real pride in working at companies in which leadership is committed to giving back and improving the quality of life of others. And no matter what the size of a business, establishing and nurturing a strong sense of community among staff remains essential – particularly in today’s job market (hello, Great Resignation). Bringing employees together to participate in a volunteer effort often enables them to meet fellow employees they don’t interact with on a daily basis, fostering connectedness within the workplace.  

Bringing Awareness to Causes Near and Dear
We all have specific causes that move us to take action, be it helping a neighbor in need, battling food insecurity, supporting accessibility for those with disabilities, advocating for civil rights – the list is nearly endless. Yes, companies that engage in these community-minded efforts are having a direct impact on helping those in need. To take that support further, companies can highlight their outreach efforts in the media, on their websites and well beyond, which in turn raises awareness of the cause and/or nonprofit itself. Note: remember to snap some great action photos! 

It’s no surprise that social media platforms serve as ideal channels for shining the spotlight on causes near and dear. For us at Caryl Communications, one of those causes is supporting women in the workplace, and just this summer, we held a clothing drive to benefit the nonprofit Dress for Success Northern New Jersey (DFSNNJ), which provides free career readiness and development services to women. Our writers Ellen Seaver (left) and Donna Gould are pictured during the donation drop-off at DFSNNJ, where Ellen also works part time.  

As promised, here are more details on each of the good works cited above:

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