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Joe Morreale


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Release Date: Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Media Contact: Evelyn Weiss Francisco (201) 796-7788

Tight Goal of $15,000 for Independent Short Film During the Month of December

KINNELON, N.J., Dec. 9, 2014 – Upon arriving at Villanova University, Joe Morreale originally had plans to enter into the medical field. However, before graduating in May of 2014, Morreale came to appreciate another calling – writing and producing for TV and film. The 23-year-old Kinnelon, N.J. native has launched a $15,000 Kickstarter Campaign and will use these funds to bring to life his most recent story. The film's crowd sourcing efforts will run the month of December and end on Friday, January 10 at 9pm.

Morreale'sweb-series pilot is titled THEY WATCHED US KILL and is intended to make the rounds at film festivals as well as attract investors to fund a miniseries of about 6 to 10 episodes in length. Morreale hopes to option to Netflix or HBO or similar platforms the following year. THEY WATCHED US KILL is already in pre-production and Morreale has enlisted a team of visual effects specialist, producers, filmmakers, and artists to help him realize his vision. With support of online backers from Kickstarter, Morreale plans to start full production of the 20-minute piece in May of 2015. If the pilot is well received, he will continue to develop and produce further episodes that are already planned out and partially written.

"I've been fascinated with sci-fi as far back as I can remember. I watched and read material in this genre as a pre-teen, and as I got older, started dreaming up my own worlds and characters," said Morreale, who is currently working as an in-house cameraman, associate producer and editing assistant at Think Reel Films in Little Falls, N.J.

Morreale's favorite genres include science fiction, action-adventure, historical fiction and psychological thrillers. Morreale says he's been influenced and inspired by many filmmakers over the years. His list is exhaustive, but includes names such as Neill Blomkamp, Christopher Nolan, Luc Besson, Ridley Scott, J.J. Abrams and Quentin Tarantino, among many others.

THEY WATCHED US KILL reflects Morreale's interest in developing what he calls "worthwhile pieces of entertainment that challenge the audience to prefer substance over spectacle." His story revolves around  an ancestral man who lived over 37,000 years ago and is the first human to invent farming. Ultimately, with some help from the so-called "Star Parents," he succeeds in keeping his people from starving, but unfortunately cannot keep them from harm.  The project's official Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/TheyWatchedUsKill.

Since graduating from Villanova University in May of 2014, Morreale has been writing, filming and producing content with Think Reel Films for TV and online marketing. He also has begun writing his first feature and is optimistic about its story and relevance in today's world.  


Contact  Morreale on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @morrealefilm or by checking out his website http://www.jmorrealefilm.com/. Morreale also invites new writers to contact him with questions and follow the podcast Script Notes produced and hosted by John August and Craig Mazin, downloadable for free off iTunes and an amazing resource for young writers.