What’s in a number? When it comes to a company anniversary, the answer is quite a lot. An anniversary – particularly one ending in zero or five – signifies an organization’s stability and, very often, client loyalty and staff dedication, too. It also brings a range of public relations and employee engagement opportunities to consider during your company’s anniversary year.

As we delve into that, we want to share our news: 2024 marks Caryl Communications’ 40th year in business!

Making it Newsworthy – and Then Some
Here are five ways to celebrate your company’s milestone:

1. Emphasize thought leadership. Tie your anniversary year into a retrospective on how the industry as a whole, or a specific sector of it, has evolved since your company’s establishment. The piece can be shared as a blog and offered to a target media outlet as a guest contribution.

2. Recognize long-time staff members. An anniversary offers an opportune time to recognize loyal employees who have likely played a vital role in growing the business. Take a photo and distribute it with a press release recapping your celebration. Consider featuring short profiles of your veteran team members on your company’s digital channels, including your website, social media platforms and e-newsletters.

3. Create an anniversary logo. Utilizing a special logo helps to highlight the milestone throughout the anniversary year. It can be incorporated in employee email signatures, and across your company’s print and digital marcomm channels as well.

4. Come together to do good. What better way to celebrate an anniversary than bringing the team together for a feel-good community service project? An in-person service event is a particularly good option for companies with remote or hybrid work models. Snap lots of photos to share on social media and for a news release, too. The remote-work model rings true for us at Caryl, and we are – excitedly – in the midst of planning our community service outing. Stay tuned for our pics!

5. Donate to a cause near and dear. Following that same do-good train of thought, consider making a donation to a nonprofit (or a few) in honor of your anniversary year. To celebrate our 40th year in business, for example, we are doing just that with a “40 Charities for 40 Years” initiative, and we are involving our team members, clients and colleagues in choosing 40 worthy organizations to support. We are looking forward to making a difference for our personal favorites and learning about other passion projects!

We would love to connect and learn more about your company’s creative anniversary commemorations and discuss even more ways to make your company’s anniversary a newsworthy event well beyond the number. Reach out to us at (201) 796-7788 or info@caryl.com.