David Sudolsky

David Sudolsky

Anellotech, Inc.
401 N. Middletown Road, Building 170A
Pearl River, NY 10965

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Developing Innovative Technology A Priority to Address Climate Change

PEARL RIVER, N.Y., April 21, 2015 – Climate change has become a global priority for green-minded nations seeking ways to lessen their dependence on oil, and Anellotech, a company which moved to Pearl River in 2013, is addressing that challenge. Anellotech’s core technology, Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis (CFP) for production of chemicals from renewable, non-food biomass, is based on scientific research initially performed in Professor George Huber’s laboratory at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and subsequent developments by Anellotech.

On April 22, 2015 – Earth Day – the company will go before the Orangetown Planning Board for approval to expand its small scale research and development operation with a new 2,400-square-foot testing facility. The expansion has already received zoning board approval.

Safety is Anellotech’s First Priority

Anellotech is a responsible research and development company currently employing 20 highly educated, skilled and trained scientists, engineers, technicians and three business professionals according to David Sudolsky, President and CEO of Anellotech. The firm will be hiring another 10-15 employees over the next year.  “Ensuring the safety of our employees, local residents and the community at-large is tantamount to our success,” he said. “Before we can license our technology to future customers (licensees), we need to gather data to optimize the process design. This is the reason for our planned expansion, which is the next step in growing the company and creating jobs for the region.”

Regarding the measures and protocols, permits and procedures all focused on the safety of the company’s research and technology operation, Sudolsky said simply: “We have put every measure in place and work here because we know it is safe.” According to the company’s president, the potential of the technology combined with its focus on safety is also the reason world-class companies continue to create alliances with Anellotech as strategic partners in its ground-breaking process.”

The test facility will be designed to the latest standards. For example, the company will incorporate a catalytic oxidizer into its design which will reduce emissions 18 times below minimum safety guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The NYSDEC and two independent environmental engineering companies have confirmed this.  An emissions monitoring plan also will be put in place that will be administered by an independent, recognized air quality expert.

Processes and procedures are already in place

Anellotech’s patented process starts with biomass (such as clean wood flour) instead of petroleum, and converts it into chemicals which are the building blocksfor many commonly used consumer products such as water bottles, laundry detergents and tires.

Approximately six super sacks of the wood flour will be delivered weekly and stored indoors. The small amounts of chemicals produced from the test facility also will be stored safely indoors at Anellotech, within DOT specified drums, with secondary containment, fire prevention and fire detection capabilities, behind the locked gates of the Pearl River campus as required by the Orangetown Fire Department. A maximum of 330 gallons will be transported away from the site once every two weeks by a licensed professional hauler. Only samples may be provided (not sold) to current and potential investors and partners for their own testing purposes.

A prime example of the future businesses that can benefit Rockland County

Anellotech is working to have a positive impact on the community of Pearl River. The local economy has already realized benefits including a boost in employment, discretionary income in the community and tax income for local government. “The company will remain a research and development company, operating safely and promoting economic growth in the region,” Sudolsky said. “This expansion will reinforce the commitment we’ve made to Rockland County and serve as an example for other technology companies and businesses to set their roots down here as well.”

The company has worked to be a good neighbor, with ongoing information about its plans available to the public.  In addition to its website, www.anellotech.com, the company created an email address for residents to send questions:  answers@anellotech.com.

In addition, Anellotech has a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence with information about the expansion plan. “We want the community’s residents to feel comfortable and proud that Anellotech is here, working responsibly to keep them safe and to provide new green options for the future,” Sudolsky said.

Ultimately, the Orangetown Planning Board will decide on April 22 – Earth Day. The Planning Board meeting will be held 7:30 – 8:30p.m. at the Orangeburg Town Hall, 26 W. Orangeburg Road, Orangeburg, New York.