Top NJ PR Firm Offers Tips to Leverage the Tools
By Caryl Gordon, President of Caryl Communications

The internet’s social media platforms initially seemed like an experiment – something to do in your spare time and to have fun. Today, social media still has an element of fun, but for our business, it is far more, bringing new power to PR. We get our stories out quicker, create dialogue around them, and help clients create a rich internet profile as part of the process.

Our goals encompass communications, marketing and engagement. Social media adds color and culture for a client’s target audience. Our viewers, visitors, fans and followers are sharing posts, significantly expanding the reach of our messages. Whatever platform we use for our campaign, these 10 tips apply:

  1. Target Your Platform to Reach Your Audience: Use the social site that fits. For example, Instagram delivers a demographic that includes more women and younger audiences – 18-59. LinkedIn, however, caters to business professionals, and 61 percent are between the ages of 30 and 60. Research to find out where your message belongs.
  1. Maximize the Tools: Use more than one relevant platform. Consider Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Multiplying your efforts will multiply your results.
  1. Tailor the Message: Can you do the job with Twitter, or do you need more descriptive venues? A short tweet must be crafted differently than a Facebook post. So pick your platforms and cultivate your messages always remembering who you want to reach.
  1. Entertain and Inform: Posts can be educational or fun – or they can be both. Most experts try to make it fun first with the message in between. Also, make it useful as you need to give to get.
  1. Go Visual: The image is king these days in social media, especially VIDEO. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm favors video content over still images or text. Remember the adage – a picture is worth a 1,000 . . .
  1. Don’t Rely on Releases: Posting press releases alone isn’t 100 percent effective in social media. Better to wait until the article appears, or alternate and support the release with other types of posts.
  1. Don’t Forget Hashtags: Hashtag your own posts (especially on Twitter) and consider tweeting on relevant public hashtags.
  1. Be Newsy: Tap into the headlines, and stay relevant. A good model: Excedrin’s #DebateHeadache from 2016.
  1. Monitor Social Media: To see if it is working, and what is drawing engagement, follow your campaign. Use analytics tools on each platform or consider a dashboard that integrates all of these.
  1. Respond to Your Audience: Create a dialogue by answering questions, and thanking people who share. Most importantly, always respond to criticism promptly and constructively.

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