Melton Guiding Skilled Nursing Facility Through COVID-19 Pandemic While Touching the Lives of Virden, Ill., Residents

VIRDEN, ILL. (March 5, 2021) – Sunrise Skilled Nursing and Rehab, the 99-bed subacute and skilled nursing facility, is honoring its administrator, Brandi Melton, for her leadership during National Long-Term Care Administrator’s Week, March 8-13, 2021, sponsored by the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Often cited as the greatest challenge of their careers to date, the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has required administrators of the nation’s skilled nursing facilities to marshal significant resources together, collaborate, and protect their residents from the virus. Melton is leading Sunrise through the battle with coronavirus, helping to guard against outbreaks, comforting residents, and maintaining a caring community within the facility.

“Among the major challenges we faced at Sunrise were the intensive use of facility resources while maintaining overall employee morale,” Melton said.  “We achieved success by working together to care for our residents, as well as our team of front-line heroes.

“The staff supported one another by accommodating each another’s personal and professional needs. Where one fell, we saw five others showing support for their co-worker,” she added. “It was a challenge, yet teamwork allowed us to achieve the common goal of overall care for our residents.”

Melton first became a skilled nursing facility administrator in 2018. “I chose to go into this industry because I wanted to be part of the change in overall quality of geriatric care in our community,” Melton noted.

Melton’s Role In Resident Care

As a key player in the Sunrise care team, Melton is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the care of the community’s loved ones. She touches the lives of residents and families, and ensures that the staff provides the highest level of quality care.

To become a skilled nursing facility administrator, it takes commitment and dedication. Upon becoming administrators, these healthcare professionals must continue life-long learning to stay on the cutting edge of top-level care. Administrators are masters of multi-tasking, taking into account every aspect of a person’s life, not just their medical needs, while building a sense of home and community.

“I find great satisfaction in watching the motions of change. The progress from initiation to the final product is rewarding and provides a great sense of accomplishment,” Melton said. “I enjoy working alongside some of the greatest caregivers in the industry, looking after those most in need.

“Our team utilizes a holistic approach to meet the needs of the population we serve, which are also those who once resided within our local community as teachers, pastors, civic and organizational leaders, and so forth,” she added.  “They have entrusted us with their care for the latter part of their journey.”

Melton is a key reason why Sunrise shares the core principles and standards of the people of our region.

About Sunrise Skilled Nursing and Rehab

Sunrise is a 99-bed subacute and skilled nursing facility in Virden, Ill., providing long-term care, short-term care, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, hospice care, respite care, and a secure memory care unit.  The center is currently accepting new admissions for short-term rehabilitation and long-term care.  For further information, please contact Mindy Semple at (217) 836-8954 or visit Sunrise’s website at

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