For business and nonprofit professionals alike, an award delivers a host of rewards well beyond a shiny plaque on the wall. Respected honors – from must-read publications, to key trade organizations, educational institutions and more – raise profiles, enhance reputations and position winners as industry-leading experts.

Awards are often presented at large-scale events – be it in person or virtual – with hundreds in attendance, who will learn more about you, your accomplishments and organization. Many times, an ad journal or pre-press piece featuring the honorees is distributed to all attendees.

The award sponsor will generate media coverage, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Create your own spotlight by posting the award win on social media outlets and your organization’s website. Also, consider distributing a press release, or enlisting the help of a PR firm to do it for you, to garner further media attention.

With an award in hand, you will end up on the radar of industry leaders and influencers who may open doors at high levels. If there are other winners, the bonus is a new group of connections, including possible referral sources and/or new prospects that you can cultivate and grow.

Yes, award ceremonies are a revenue stream for sponsors, but they also are a prime place to connect. The sponsor may ask you to help assemble the guest list, providing the opportunity to reach out to your colleagues and others you want to meet. The sponsor will invite them, and you will benefit from interactions that can include major players in your field, as well as key prospects for your organization. For tips on networking with ease, click here. 

An award is an endorsement: a testimonial about you, your character, competence and work. This serves as an impressive and credible validation with clients, customers, prospects, nonprofit members, current and future employees, and key stakeholders, among others.

Award winners are extraordinary, just by the nature of the honor. And most professionals want to align themselves with well-respected organizations and do business with top-tier leaders. In addition, the media seeks experts for commentary and as resources for the future when they are writing about your industry or area of expertise.

In short, an award can be valuable – a symbol of recognition received in honor of an achievement. So take a closer look the next time nominations are requested in your industry and areas of expertise, and add awards to your public relations strategy. Start submitting well-constructed, polished award nominations – or find a PR firm who will do this for you – because telling your story in a compelling manner is essential when it comes to garnering awards.

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