Old-school PR professionals will vouch for the validity of the news release, but is it still relevant in today’s ever-evolving communications landscape? A hundred times yes! More than ever, a well-crafted news release remains a core PR tool for garnering credible media attention and raising profiles.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Conveys news. Releases remain a standardized method of delivering an accurate account of the who, what, when, where and why to key media channels – and the public. Depending on a client’s news, releases take on a variety of formats, including announcements, features, advisories, calendar listings and more. 

2. Helps in building trust with media. Mindful PR practitioners utilize releases to provide journalists with newsworthy, factual information, which helps to establish a trusted relationship. It’s also essential for PR professionals to stay in tune with what media outlets are looking for and how they want the information presented.  

3. Generates earned media coverage. Well-crafted, relevant news releases have a greater likelihood of garnering high-profile placements in targeted publications, delivering impressive ROI to clients.  

4. Increases website and SEO traffic. Modern news releases include links to a client’s website and other resources, making it easily found by journalists and the public. In addition, releases should include keywords and phrases to build important SEO traffic.

There’s no question that the ever-changing communications landscape and world of social media has drastically changed the business of public relations, and PR campaigns need to involve strategies that embrace these channels and delivery methods. That said, modern news releases continue to rightfully serve as the foundation of many campaigns. Check out Cision’s article “5 Reasons The Press Release Still Matters” for even more information.

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Source: Cision – “5 Reasons The Press Release Still Matters”