Our team is beyond excited – and feeling more than a little bit inspired – as we launch our new website, complete with a brand refresh. It’s been an interesting and valuable experience to sit on the client side for a change and take a step back to recognize how much our firm has grown and evolved. Here are five takeaways worth sharing, in no particular order.

1. This is an outstanding “moment” for self-examination. We’re emerging from a challenging time. Like countless others, our company found itself spinning when the world hit pause last year. But we quickly discovered that we are adaptable, and that forced change can lead to intentional evolution. In short, it’s been a good time to really look at who we are as a company, who we want to be and what it’s going to take to get there.

2. Sometimes it’s hard to define the value of what you do. Public relations is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, nor is its value. Our firm services clients of all shapes and sizes, in different industries and with varied target audiences – and we wouldn’t want it any other way. One of the most introspective parts of developing our web content was taking a deep dive into how we make a (worthwhile!) difference as a PR partner for our clients.

3. Collaboration with the right partners is everything. The best service providers know what makes their clients tick. Likewise, the best clients trust their service providers to keep them ticking. Special thanks to our creative partners, especially Jonathan Crisafulli for pushing the “blue,” and to Ben and Allison Friedman at Village Marketing Co. for the outstanding direction and having strong opinions when we needed them the most. And to Ellen Seaver, for being such a talented writer and valued member of the Caryl team for this project and many others.

4. That which does not bend, breaks (i.e., some deadlines can be flexible). The PR world operates on deadline. Journalists must file their stories. Client news is time sensitive. Event dates are set in stone. But sometimes – like when you’re creating a new website – it’s worth moving the finish line, if needed, to get things right.

5. Few things are more gratifying – or motivating – than finding out what your clients really think. We knew we wanted testimonials on the website, but honestly it was REALLY hard to ask for them. But when we did? Just…wow. We are humbled and grateful. Clearly, we thrive on positive reinforcement, because we are so motivated to continue these valued relationships.

You could say that rolling out our brand refresh has been a labor of love – and we won’t argue! We are so pleased with the result and the story it tells about who we are, what we do and why we are so incredibly proud of the clients we support.

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