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Harrisburg Senior Living Community’s Centenarian Residents Share Life Advice    

William Apple

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Sept. 21, 2023) National Centenarian’s Day, an annual observance slated this year for Friday, Sept. 22, is the perfect occasion to honor the community’s residents who have lived an entire century or more. It’s also a perfect time to learn from an older generation that has so much to share, and The Terraces at Capitol Village in Harrisburg is doing just that.     

Cynthia Homer, the senior living community’s life enrichment director, said she and her team embraced the day as an opportunity for the entire community to share in all that The Terraces at Capitol Village centenarian residents Sara Tritt, Bess Gorelick, and William Apple have experienced in their lifetime – from the Great Depression and World Wars to the exploration of space and the digital revolution. Here’s what they had to share about the advice they would offer to today’s young people:    

  • “Take care of each other,” said Tritt, who is 103 years old. 
  • “Be helpful to others, be nice and kind to everyone. If you have disagreements with people, don’t let it fester, talk it out. Keep informed with what is going on in the world. Keep your friends as long as you can,” said Gorelick, who is 101 years old. 
  • “Be kind to each other and listen to your elders,” said Apple, who is 102 years old. 

“We were thrilled to celebrate our amazing centenarians,” said Homer. “They have enjoyed rich and fascinating lives, and their stories and wisdom are an inspiration to us all. At the same time, their families take comfort in knowing they have access to age-in-place support and services as needed.”    

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