• A reporter from a top business publication calls with a question on your new product or service…
  • You’re scheduled for an interview with a major trade journal…
  • You’re going to make a guest appearance on Bloomberg News…
  • Opportunity is knocking – and so (maybe) are your knees. No need to worry, we have some proven tips for success every time you face the media.

    Be Prepared
    If you’ve got advanced notice of your interview, practice the Boy Scout motto and PREPARE. Choose a theme for your remarks and support it with at least 3 key points. Rehearse—making sure you do the following:

    -Bring your organization or brand to life
    -Convey energy and emotion
    -Use numbers and statistics to support your points
    -Share trends and changes in your market

    Then role-play with a colleague as the reporter. You can even video your performance and critique it. But DON’T memorize—you want to sound natural.

    Seven Golden Rules for Media Success
    -Be courteous and diplomatic
    -Stick to facts
    -Help the reporter—suggest sources if you don’t have all the info

    -Compromise the confidentiality of a client
    -Say “no comment”

    3 Tips for TV
    1. Today’s microphones are super sensitive—speak at a normal level
    2. Engage with your interviewer—have a conversation
    3. RELAX!! It’ll help you seem confident and credible.